PFTV-013 – Jonathan Cho Talks About NCI’s Mobile Strategy @ ePatCon12


Shwen Gwee talks to Jonathan Cho (Chief, Communications Technology Branch at National Cancer Institute) @ ePatCon 2012.

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PFTV-012 – Jeanne Barnett and LouLou Brenneman Talk About Medrise @ ePatCon12


Shwen Gwee talks to Jeanne Barnett (Founder, Medrise and and Lauren (LouLou) Brenneman (Content Develoment and Patient Opinion Leader, Medrise)@ ePatCon 2012.

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PFTV-011 – Laura Kolodjeski Talks About Being a Community Manager in Pharma @ ePatCon12


Marc Monseau interviews Laura Kolodjeski (Community Manager, Sanofi US Diabetes) @ ePatCon 2012.

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  • What are the responsibilities of a community manager (in pharma)?
  • How do you connect with the diabetes communities and become a legitimate participant in the conversation?
  • How do you demonstrate the value of your engagement with the community back to the diabetes franchise and your organization overall?
  • Through the insights you gain from being part of the community, are you able to create new approaches/product/interactions to bring value to the community?
  • Diabetes seems to be a category where pharma and patients have been very aggresive/engaged online with each other — do you see this happening in other therapeutic areas?
  • So much of Sanofi’s success in engaging in the diabetes space seems to be associated with the culture and leadership of the organization — what can the rest of the industry do to help make this happen with our own organizations?

PFTV-010 – Mark Bard Gives an Update on the Digital Health Coalition @ ePatCon12


Marc Monseau interviews Mark Bard (Co-Founder and Board of Directors, Digital Health Coalition) @ ePatCon 2012.

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  • What’s the status of the Digital Health Coalition at the moment?
  • How receptive has the FDA been to some of the overtures that you’ve brought to them about how the industry should be behaving in the digital space?
  • What theories are you exploring around disclosures (via social media platforms)?
  • The financial industry has come up with several technological solutions to overcome  legal/regulatory concerns — is pharma industry really lagging in that respect?

PFTV-009 – Silja Chouquet – Pecha Kucha at ePatCon 2012


Last week, Marc and I attended ExL’s ePatient Connections 2012 conference in Philadelphia, PA. We’ve got quite a few intereviews from the conference to share with you, but while we are still ploughing through the video editing process, here’s a treat from my dear friend, Silja Chouquet (CEO, WhyDotPharma)…

As a long standing tradition at #ePatCon, they’ve always had a Pecha Kucha session, where brave participants are given 6mins and 40 secs to present 20 slides, where each slide is advanced automoatically every 20 seconds; so the speaker has no control of when it advances.

This year, Silja performed an “Ode to Pharma” (as I’m calling it), where she rhymed her way through a lyrical performance to some cool jazz music. I’m proud (yet embarassed) to say that I contributed to a mere 2 lines and even then, they weren’t very original, but she managed to fit it in anyway. Here’s the video and the lyrics below (you can also download the PDF of her slides here):

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Discovered too late I had to do a Pecha Kucha

Had to find something quick and hurry up mucha

In fact for a while now I’ve been meaning to express

My thoughts on our industry, talk about our progress

Our achievements and efforts- Something different, you know,

Not the usual stuff about our reputation being low


But I had a big problem, I was afraid you would laugh

Tell me it’s all about money and increasing earnings by half

I had another problem that was even bigger

I’m no good with time and thus you’d snigger

As I get all tangled up in my words and my thoughts:

The slides would advance, my tongue be tied in knots


So I decided to use music, English rhythm and rhyme

Which being German is crazy, but it’ll keep me on time

I would thus like to tell you though I don’t know a lot

About how patients have changed while you have not

I would also like you to carefully listen

To what pharma is doing well without any suspicion


Pharma produces medicines that can save people’s lives

Drugs that help children and their mothers survive

It researches cures for diseases like cancer

And funky stuff like Endothelial nitric oxide enhancer

So why is it that, despite these advances

Pharma’s reputation never enhances


Well, I believe it’s because if we’d saw a sushi dish

We’d refer to it as 250 gramms of cold dead fish

It’s this cynical vision that if we’d open our heart

We’d only reap criticism, be torn apart


Yet patients today want care and connection

They demand information but also support and affections

They will search for the answers and are not afraid to ask

and you can help them with this incredible task


“We are not allowed to, our hands are tied

We would love to, believe us, we tried”

But our lawyers wont’t let us “, you’ll say

And point your fingers to the FDA

Yet there is no single rule, nor any regulations

That forces you to be dull in your communications


In fact Boehringer just launched a new game on faeebook

that allows people to understand pharma’s outlook

You can set up your laboratory and develop new drugs

Against some of the world’s most potent drugs.

Then all your experiments explode and you lose all your money

Which, at least in the game, is really funny


We also need to involve patients from the start

Phase I through Phase IV have the patient at heart

We need to learn how to reach out and crowd source

Because if we don’t, it’s the patients that will have us outsourced


Boehringer, again adopted this mission

By asking everyone for their submission

Of ideas to drive awareness on stroke prevention

Which brought them new solutions and media attention


Physicans also need our help and assistance

A lot of them suffer from social media resistance

They are skeptical and often afraid

Overwhelmed by this information in which they have no fate

Pharma can help them overcome their fears

By connection patients to physicians and physicians to their peers


This is what Pfizer in the UK has done

Their Monday opportunity to talk is not only fun

it allows men to talk to doctors anonymously

which in this specific condition can be key


So: Stop, collaborate and listen

Because patients are on a brand new mission

You can say all the right things but still show your affection

For the patients that need to feel your connection

Yet it starts with something very basic

You have to STOP what you’ve been doing sofar – let’s face it!


It is time: Social media reaches millions of patients each day

And you have to be there to assist them along the way

It is time to put quality health information

In the hands of engaged and empowered patients.


Pharma and social media got off to a bumpy start

But for patients its been a love affaire that will not tear apart

So now is the time for pharma take off to the social media sky

Time to take concrete steps and to learn how to fly


PFTV-004 – Jenni Prokopy (@ChronicBabe) at SXSW 2011


Marc Monseau interviews Jenni Prokopy (@ChronicBabe) @ SXSW 2011.

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  • Jenni’s SXSW presentation about needing “Superheroes and a Justice League for Health Communities”
  • What are the problems that health community leaders face? Why is there a need?
  • Why is there a lack of interest in health communities, compared to groups like “mommy bloggers”, even if they share the same demographic?
  • How can we solve this problem through collaborating and uniting? What is your vision?
  • Are you looking beyond the health community for help on