PFTV-011 – Laura Kolodjeski Talks About Being a Community Manager in Pharma @ ePatCon12


Marc Monseau interviews Laura Kolodjeski (Community Manager, Sanofi US Diabetes) @ ePatCon 2012.

If the video doesn’t work, please use the following link:


  • What are the responsibilities of a community manager (in pharma)?
  • How do you connect with the diabetes communities and become a legitimate participant in the conversation?
  • How do you demonstrate the value of your engagement with the community back to the diabetes franchise and your organization overall?
  • Through the insights you gain from being part of the community, are you able to create new approaches/product/interactions to bring value to the community?
  • Diabetes seems to be a category where pharma and patients have been very aggresive/engaged online with each other — do you see this happening in other therapeutic areas?
  • So much of Sanofi’s success in engaging in the diabetes space seems to be associated with the culture and leadership of the organization — what can the rest of the industry do to help make this happen with our own organizations?

One thought on “PFTV-011 – Laura Kolodjeski Talks About Being a Community Manager in Pharma @ ePatCon12

  1. This video shows that a community can be made of mature people*, able to interact and to talk about themselves! Interesting to hear that some members of these people suffering of diabetes are working at Sanofi US!* the usual belief is that community management deals with communities whose members are under 25!

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